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SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO) 2023: Unlocking Knowledge Horizons

Introduction to SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)

The SOF IGKO 2023, also known as the International General Knowledge Olympiad, is a highly anticipated event that challenges participants’ knowledge in various disciplines. Organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF), the IGKO provides a platform for students to showcase their general knowledge prowess and broaden their understanding of diverse subjects. This Olympiad encompasses a wide range of topics, including science, history, geography, and current affairs, allowing students to test their knowledge and stay updated with the latest happenings around the world.

The International General Knowledge Olympiad aims to foster a spirit of curiosity and a thirst for knowledge among participants. By delving into different areas of general knowledge, students can enhance their understanding of the world, develop critical thinking skills, and expand their horizons beyond the boundaries of traditional academic subjects. The General Knowledge Olympiad challenges participants to think beyond textbooks, encouraging them to explore various disciplines and stay informed about current events, which is essential for their holistic development.

Under the guidance of the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF), renowned for its commitment to promoting scientific and academic excellence, the IGKO holds a significant place in the realm of general knowledge competitions. By participating in the SOF IGKO 2023, students not only have the opportunity to showcase their general knowledge acumen but also gain valuable insights, boost their cognitive abilities, and nurture a lifelong passion for learning. This Olympiad serves as a platform for students to develop a well-rounded understanding of the world and become informed global citizens who are well-equipped to face the challenges of the 21st century.

Sample Papers for SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)

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International General Knowledge Olympiad

Download the Sample Papers for SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)

SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)

Benefits of participating in the SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)

Participating in the SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad offers numerous advantages for students. Let’s explore some of the benefits that come with taking part in this esteemed competition:

1. Expanding general knowledge

The IGKO covers a wide range of topics, including current affairs, history, geography, science, literature, sports, and more. By preparing for the Olympiad, students enhance their general knowledge, develop a broader understanding of the world, and stay updated with the latest information.

2. Developing critical thinking and reasoning skills

The IGKO challenges students with thought-provoking questions that require critical thinking, logical reasoning, and analytical skills. By attempting these questions, students sharpen their cognitive abilities and learn to analyze and evaluate information effectively.

3. Improving communication skills

The IGKO not only tests knowledge but also requires effective communication of ideas. Students learn to express their thoughts clearly and concisely, improving their written and verbal communication skills in the process.

4. Building confidence

Participating in the IGKO boosts students’ confidence by allowing them to showcase their knowledge and skills on a competitive platform. It instills a sense of accomplishment and encourages students to further explore and expand their intellectual horizons.

5. Enhancing global awareness

The IGKO exposes students to global issues, cultures, and diverse perspectives. By learning about different countries, their traditions, and social aspects, students develop a better understanding of the world’s interconnectedness and become more globally aware.

6. Scholarships and Recognition

Outstanding performers in the IGKO have the opportunity to win scholarships, certificates, and awards that recognize their knowledge and exceptional performance. These accolades can open doors to further academic and professional opportunities.

Syllabus for the SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad

The IGKO syllabus covers various domains of general knowledge. It includes topics from the following areas:

  1. Current Affairs
  2. History
  3. Geography
  4. Science
  5. Literature
  6. Sports
  7. Social Studies
  8. Environment
  9. General Awareness

It is essential for participants to thoroughly study these areas and stay updated with the latest developments in each domain.

How to Register for SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)

Registration of Students: The SOF IGKO is open to the students of classes 1 to 10.

Principals/teachers may please note that any school can be registered as a center for SOF IGKO Level 1. No fee is required from the institution to become a registered examination center.

A prospectus containing the Registration forms is sent to all schools registered with SOF. Schools not registered may also request for prospectus by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or or by calling 0124-4951200. Schools must return the registration forms to SOF, duly filled in and complete in all respects by the due date.

Roll Numbers: The school’s coordinating teacher should fill out the School Registration Form (SRF) and Students’ Registration Sheet (SRS) as per the guidelines given & should send them to the SOF’s office before the due date of submission of forms. SOF will register the applicant’s school and the students. As per the Students’ Registration Sheet (SRS) received from the School, SOF will generate roll numbers for all students.

Registration Fee: Schools in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan & Nepal pay SOF a registration fee of Rs 125* (including GST) per student / Olympiad towards the cost of the examination. Schools may charge an additional Rs 25** per student towards honorarium of charge, remuneration to teachers to teach and guide, and for other expenses. No fee is payable for students suļ¬€ering from any major physical disability, or an Indian student whose parent was martyred during defense operations.

*US$9 for other countries.
**US$1 for other countries.

Levels of SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)

The SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad is a single-level exam.

The test is organized in the respective schools of the participants during school hours.

(i) The level 1 competition is a test of 60 minutes duration comprising 35 objective-type (Multiple Choice) questions for classes 1 to class 4 and 50 objective-type (Multiple Choice) questions for classes 5 to class 10.

(ii) The question paper consists of four sections:

Section-1: General Awareness
Section-2: Current Affairs
Section-3: Life Skills
Section-4: Achievers Section

(iii) SOF IGKO is conducted on 2 dates. Each school may select a date for conducting the SOF IGKO as per its convenience. There are separate question papers for each date of the exam. Change of date for conducting the SOF IGKO is not permitted. SOF IGKO is a single-level exam.

(iv) The medium of the test is English.

(v) CBSE, ICSE/ISC, and State Board syllabi are followed for setting the test papers. 

(vi) The exam is conducted during school hours.

Clarifications: Any clarification regarding rules, format/pattern of the paper, etc., may be sought from SOF by phone-call – at 0124-4951200 or email at [email protected].

How to Prepare for SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)

Preparing for the SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad requires a systematic approach and comprehensive study. Here are some tips to help you prepare effectively:

  1. Study a wide range of topics: Familiarize yourself with the syllabus and cover a diverse range of subjects, including current affairs, history, geography, science, literature, and sports. Read newspapers, magazines, books, and online resources to gather information on these topics.
  2. Stay updated with current affairs: Follow the news regularly to stay updated with the latest happenings in the world. Focus on national and international news, political developments, major sports events, scientific advancements, and significant cultural events.
  3. Practice sample papers and previous question papers: Obtain sample papers and previous question papers specifically designed for the IGKO. Solve these papers to get acquainted with the exam format, improve your time management skills, and assess your knowledge and performance.
  4. Improve your reasoning skills: Enhance your critical thinking and reasoning abilities by practicing logical reasoning exercises, puzzles, and analytical thinking tasks. This will help you approach questions in a structured and logical manner during the Olympiad.
  5. Collaborate and discuss: Engage in group discussions and quizzes with peers who are also preparing for the IGKO. This collaborative approach can help broaden your knowledge base and provide different perspectives on various topics.
  6. Use online resources: Utilize online platforms and educational websites that offer quizzes, interactive learning materials, and general knowledge resources. These resources can supplement your preparation and provide additional learning opportunities.


The SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO) serves as an exceptional platform for students to broaden their general knowledge, enhance critical thinking skills, and develop a global perspective. By participating in the IGKO, students gain exposure to diverse domains of knowledge, improve communication skills, and earn recognition for their intellectual abilities. Embrace this opportunity to expand your horizons, stay informed about the world, and challenge yourself to excel in the field of general knowledge.

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